Music Lessons - Accessories - Rentals Repairs

​Lessons are $95 Monthly = 4 half hour lessons.

$295 per Semester = 12 half hour lessons or

$35 per half hour lesson, $60 per hour lesson

Available Monday Through Saturday.

​Other Programs available. See store for details.

Voice, songwriting, bass,and more.

Base Courses

Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.


Whether you want to be the next Lang Lang or Thelonious Monk, our piano program gets you up to speed fast.


You don't have to be Itzhak Perlman to enjoy the feel of pulling a horse hair bow across a Strad's four strings, Great instrument for all ages.

137 S.Scott St.         Open Monday through Friday 12 PM to 7 PM   Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM

Burleson TX

​817 295 9089


Who doesn't want to tame the six-string beast? Let our professional instructors teach you rock, blues, jazz, country...

Drums & Percussion

Whether full drum kit or school percussion and marching band we do it all.