Call or come by and let's discuss your project.

​Record the right way, especially if you are serious about a Music career. Let us help you every step of the way.

Hourly and block rates available starting at $49 per hour.

Day rates 10 AM to 7 PM starting at $300 per day.

Block rates : $499 per 10 hour block, dividable in up to 3 sessions.

​Housed in a Turn of the Century building, Tune City Recording Studio offers you a room sound not available elsewhere. With our large 38'x 36' live tracking room with 16' wood ceilings your music comes alive the way it was intended to. Natural reverb encompasses your performance . One of the best sounding rooms anywhere. Yes we know it 's not as fancy as some, but it certainly sounds better than most. Ask anyone who has recorded here. We are able to record your full band live, or individually track each or some instruments. The choice is yours.

We offer Digital and Analog recording using Pro Tools, Alesis HD 24's and an assortment of Otari Tape machines.

Digital or Analog recording, mixing and mastering.